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We are no longer in Bellport.

Thank you for your support over the last few years, we will miss you all!

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Zakia's food is delicious - spiced but not spicy! And meeting Zee is a treat in itself!

Barbara Gatti

Zakia's food is simply amazing and delicious! I added some dishes to a cocktail party I was having and they were a true hit! Now I want to try more....

Jane Graham

New York Style Cheesecake

Zakia owner of Simply Moroccan Cuisine in my kitchen yesterday made this New York Style Cheesecake with fresh fruits 40 slivers were shared, there were no complaints, only praises and smiles of great delight, all plates where scratched clean MORE PLEASE -mouth watering never had it sooooo good❤️ @ Bellport, New York

Pamela Lerner

Simply Sublime

Last night was sublime! We can't stop talking about the flavors we experienced. Thank you again. Can you also send me the tarte tatin recipe? It was really great.


Zakia is the consummate chef! The flavors of her dishes and presentation are spot on! Inspirational - Amy F.

Amy FitzGerald

Zakia's cooking is absolutely amazing. She knows how to create delicious foods, and keeps it simple. Yum!

Joanne Diehl

Zakia's food is quite simply scintillating. When she prepares a meal and you take your first bite you take a journey to Morocco, Each dish is uniquely different, but equally prepared with love and passion. I highly recommend Simply Moroccan Cuisine..


I've eaten wonderful appetizers and treats all freshly hand made by Zakia but my absolute favorite is her Paella. The presentation was beautiful and it tasted heavenly. Thank you Zakia!


I have had the great pleasure of sampling your healthy and sublime recipes for years. Please, for all our good, keep them coming, Signed, Your biggest fan!

Marco Bottero

I hosted a Morraccan night at my house and had the pleasure of serving Zakia’s delicious food which she prepared in my home. Aside from cooking, Zakia was great in fielding questions and curiosities. The food was so good that all nine guests texted me the next day to thank me for the delicious, delightful evening! All thanks goes to the chef!

Donna Sheehan

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