Simply Sublime

Last night was sublime! We can't stop talking about the flavors we experienced. Thank you again. Can you also send me the tarte tatin recipe? It was really great.


Zakia's food is delicious - spiced but not spicy! And meeting Zee is a treat in itself!

Barbara Gatti

New York Style Cheesecake

Zakia owner of Simply Moroccan Cuisine in my kitchen yesterday made this New York Style Cheesecake with fresh fruits 40 slivers were shared, there were no complaints, only praises and smiles of great delight, all plates where scratched clean MORE PLEASE -mouth watering never had it sooooo good❤️ @ Bellport, New York

Pamela Lerner

I hosted a Morraccan night at my house and had the pleasure of serving Zakia’s delicious food which she prepared in my home. Aside from cooking, Zakia was great in fielding questions and curiosities. The food was so good that all nine guests texted me the next day to thank me for the delicious, delightful evening! All thanks goes to the chef!

Donna Sheehan

Zakia's food is simply amazing and delicious! I added some dishes to a cocktail party I was having and they were a true hit! Now I want to try more....

Jane Graham

Zakia's food is quite simply scintillating. When she prepares a meal and you take your first bite you take a journey to Morocco, Each dish is uniquely different, but equally prepared with love and passion. I highly recommend Simply Moroccan Cuisine..


Zakia is the consummate chef! The flavors of her dishes and presentation are spot on! Inspirational - Amy F.

Amy FitzGerald

Zakia is a magician in the kitchen, as well as in her edible gardens. Her magical ingredients are experience-based knowledge, passion, fierce attention to detail, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices from her care-fully tended organic gardens. And then there is her love of what she does and those for whom she prepares her sensuous (and healthy) specialty dishes.
I have had the pleasure of sampling many of Zakia's creations, but most recently it was at a backyard party I gave where she grilled a butterflied lamb she had marinated overnight in her unique combination of herbs and spices. Simply Scrumptious!

Nancy Norman

I have had the great pleasure of sampling your healthy and sublime recipes for years. Please, for all our good, keep them coming, Signed, Your biggest fan!

Marco Bottero

I've eaten wonderful appetizers and treats all freshly hand made by Zakia but my absolute favorite is her Paella. The presentation was beautiful and it tasted heavenly. Thank you Zakia!



Chicken Chourba

A light chicken broth, a great comfort food, is highly recommended for nursing mothers. My mother would make this whenever any of the family was under the weather, in the belief that it speeds recovery.

Beef and Vegetable Soup

Each spoonful offers a wonderful combination of flavors, the sweetness of carrots and peas, the earthiness of turnip and potatoes, and the list goes on. A warming appetizer on cold winter days, but satisfying anytime.

Potato and Leek Soup

As a real comfort food, this is a favorite of my husband’s. The combination of delicate and sweet roasted leeks with earthy and starchy potatoes makes this both light and filling.   


Harira instantly transports me back to my childhood. Eating harira is an amazing experience; it can be a meal in itself, combining the flavors and textures of the meats, legumes, herbs, and spices. It is sweet, yet sour, smooth yet substantial.

Bessara (Dried Fava Bean Soup)

Originally from Northern Morocco, our family traditionally enjoys this   on cold, rainy days. A blend of olive oil, garlic, cumin and chili pepper creates a rich, creamy and deeply satisfying dish.  

Salads and Sides

Cucumber Salad

The combination of cucumber, mint, orange blossom water and lemon works together to produce a fresh, cooling, palate-cleansing salad. Wonderful on hot summer days.

Cooked Carrot Salad

The mouth-watering aroma and savory flavor of carrots, garlic, olive oil, parsley and black pepper create an appealing appetizer or side dish. 

Potato Salad

Good at any time of the year, this is one of my favorites. Potatoes are tossed in olive oil, vinegar, cumin, onion and parsley. The addition of grated hard-boiled eggs to the salad was my mother’s idea and approved by everyone who has tried this version.

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts
Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

Let’s be honest, brussel sprouts seem to have a reputation for being culinary rejects. Sauteeing with lemon juice, butter, olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper transforms this healthy vegetable from ordinary to extraordinary. Friends who said they “hated” brussel sprouts are now converts.

Sautéed Cabbage

 The combination of butter and olive oil makes this dish creamy, yet light, and goes well with barbecued or roasted meats.

White Kidney Beans in Tomato Sauce

The beans are simmered in tomato, onion, garlic and olive oil, finished with parsley making them creamy and full of flavor.

Tapenade with Moroccan Black Olives

Awaken your palate with this Tapenade. Breaking from tradition, this version forgoes the use of anchovies and instead is flavored with preserved lemons.

Tapenade with Green Olives

This tapenade can be used to flavor pasta like a pesto sauce, added to ground beef when making burgers, or as a spread on fresh bread.

Tomatoes and Roast Pepper Salad

A staple of Moroccan cuisine, it’s enjoyed as an appetizer with almost every meal. The balance of this dish comes from the sharpness of lemon and tomatoes, and the sweetness of roast peppers.

Raw Carrot Salad

Enjoyed either as an appetizer or dessert, the natural sweetness of carrots and orange blossom water will have everyone asking for seconds.

Beet Salad
Beet Salad

Earthy, tangy and colorful, this salad goes well with all meat dishes.

Roast Green Pepper Salad

This is a succulent salad, combining the sweetness of roast peppers with the tanginess of preserved lemons and the aroma of garlic.

Caramelized Baby Carrots

This recipe was born when I observed friends eating baby carrots straight from the bag. I was inspired to experiment with caramelizing the carrots. They  still crunch and with a hint of orange, they are brought to a whole new level.

Cauliflower Salad

Most people are apprehensive about cauliflower, but adding strong mustard, garlic, olive oil and white vinegar gives this nourishing side dish a new twist as a light, enjoyable salad.

Lentils in Tomato Sauce

Cooked in light tomato sauce, flavored with onion, garlic and traditional Moroccan spices, this is  richly satisfying served either hot or cold. 

Chickpeas with Saffron

The chickpeas are simmered in a saffron, turmeric, onion and garlic sauce, making them hardy and luxurious.

Tomato Shakshuka

An incredibly tasty, straightforward dish that should be in your arsenal of staples. It encompasses the perfect balance among spicy, hearty and sweet flavors. Shahshuka can be used as a side dish or as a main dish with poached eggs.

Sautéed String Beans

No more bland string beans! Blanced and then sautéed in olive oil, onion, garlic and finished with parsley, turns green beans into a favorite,  crunchy vegetable dish!


Lamb Couscous with Vegetables

Pure comfort food! Couscous is prepared weekly in many Moroccan homes. Lamb, beef or chicken is stewed along with a variety of vegetables, then arranged on tender steamed couscous grains. A vegetarian version of this dish is available as well.

Tajine of Beef Tfaya

A festive meal, Tagine of Beef Tfaya combines slow cooked beef shanks with hard boiled eggs and roasted almonds making every bite a celebration!

Stuffed Vegetables

Cored vegetables, stuffed with rice, ground beef and spices then braised in a spicy Moroccan tomato sauce. This dish can be enjoyed with bread or over rice.

Chicken M’qualli

A traditional Moroccan recipe that consists of chicken, olives and preserved lemon. The combination of these flavors transforms the dish into something marvelously tangy and savory.

Tajine of Meatballs with Artichokes

Moroccan meatballs are smaller than Italian, similar in size to Swedish meatballs, but that’s where the similarity ends. They are uniquely spiced, and in this dish the combination of meatballs, tomato sauce and creamy artichokes are a heavenly marriage of textures, aromas and tastes. The meatballs may be served over rice or with crusty bread.

Roast Leg of Lamb

This was my grandfather’s favorite meal. Whenever he was visiting, my mother took special pleasure in meticulously preparing the leg of lamb with ginger, garlic, and rosemary. A meal to impress the best cooks and food critics in your friends and family.

Grilled Kefta

Homemade sausages made of ground beef or lamb seasoned with Moroccan spices  and grilled to perfection are always popular.

Tajine of Whiting Balls

Making “meat”balls from your choice of white fish and lightly cooking them in spicy and tangy  Moroccan tomato  sauce creates a unique and tasty dish.

Stuffed Sardines

Sardines are an important part of the Moroccan diet, largely available and affordable. This is a simple yet succulent dish. The blend of herbs, spices and tomatoes will instantly transport your senses to Moroccan summer nights on the beach.

Couscous with Chicken, Onion, Raisins and Honey

The chicken is simmered in sweet and spicy caramelized onions and raisins. This dish is flavored with saffron, turmeric and cinnamon. Sweet yet savory, it is served on a bed of fluffy couscous.

Chaariya Medfouna

Steamed capellini pasta is used as a delivery vehicle for tender chicken, simmered in a buttery onion, garlic and golden raisin sauce. The hints of saffron, turmeric and cinnamon make it a mouth-watering dish!

Stuffed Mini Peppers

Stuffed with a combination of rice, ground beef and parsley, these mini peppers are braised in a tomato sauce seasoned with Moroccan spices.

Tajine of Lamb with Peas and Artichoke Hearts

This dish consists of tender lamb served on a bed of peas, olives and artichoke hearts. The sweetness of peas paired up with the creamy texture of artichokes and the sour kick provided by the preserved lemons and olives make this combination one of my personal favorites.

Tajine of Meatballs with Eggs

Whenever my husband and I are having guests for the first time, he suggests this recipe as a typically Moroccan dish. It is accessible to everyone who eats meat. The combination of the meat, spices, eggs, and bread are a hearty meal, pairing perfectly with red wine.

Beef with Prunes and Almonds

This is a festive dish, usually served on special occasions. The sweetness from the prunes, the tenderness of the buttery beef and the crunchiness of the almonds make the dish both sweet and savory.

Beef Kebabs

What’s a summer barbecue without beef kebabs? Marinated in a blend  of Moroccan herbs and spices, tenderize the beef making it juicy and just right for grilling.

Tajine of Red Snapper

Surrounded on two sides by water, the Mediterranean Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is well known for its variety of available, fresh fish. Traditionally made by the fishermen returning from their catch, this can be made with any white fish. The sweetness of carrots paired with lemons and tomatoes turn the dish into an aromatic and comforting tajine.