Pamela’s Painters Party

Pamela Lerner hosted a party to celebrate The Artists of Bellport and Brookhaven at her store in Bellport Village, here are a couple of pictures of the foods prepared. Top Row: Aubergine and Eggplant Zaalouk in mini-naan pockets. Pastilla of ground beef and roast almond in bamboo boats. Bottom Row: Briouat of spinach and ricotta…

Mini Pastillas

Single serving Pastillas, great as finger food or school lunch!

Simply Cookies!

A small selection of cookies, inspired by my recent trip to Morocco, perfect with mint tea or any other tea-like beverage!

Pavlova with Fresh Fruit

Chewy and soft with a crisp exterior, topped with Creme Patissiere and fresh fruit. It is a wonderful centerpiece for any occasion and a favorite with kids and adults alike!

Moroccan Cookies

From top to bottom / left to right. Moroccan Macaron with Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam Sesame Seed with Strawberry Jam Cookies Coconut, Almond and Lemon Zest Cookies Biscotti with Almond, Golden Raisins and Orange Zest.

Casual Cocktail Party

Fabulous Finger Food for Casual Cocktail Party! Plan your own or allow us to plan it for you! Click the Contact Us page and let’s get cooking!